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and Found Extremely Beneficial.


The Ultimate Copywriter - by Mel McIntyre

Can you imagine earning $5,000... $10,000... even $20,000... Just by writing a simple e-mail message, like this one?

It seems hard to believe, but "copywriters" the world over are making BIG BUCKS from writing simple sales letters, just like this.

It's EASY to get started - and you need absolutely NO special writing talents.

You just have to be able to write in plain and simple English. The sort of English you'd use when writing a letter to your mother.

And you can write a letter to your mother, can't you?

Best of all: Good copywriters make more from ONE SINGLE LETTER than most doctors earn in a MONTH.

Now does THAT sound like the kind of writing YOU could really ENJOY?

Learn more about how to get started as a copywriter, and earn $$$$ using your keyboard, by checking out Mel McIntyre's NEW copywriting course:

Click on the above link - and discover what you've been missing.

I guarantee you'll be amazed!


The Wealthy Writer - Earn money with your writing skills


How would YOU like to earn $100k+ every single year...

... Just by using your WRITING SKILLS?

Right now, the online world is literally begging for writers. People that can tap out a few words - providing content for the millions of sites out there.

You don't have to be a Pulitzer Prize winner to get started. Heck, you don't even have to know what that means.

You just have to be able to piece together a few simple sentences - and submit them to the SECRET ONLINE WRITING MARKETS that most people have absolutely NO idea about. Even the best writers in the business!

And writing for the Internet is a GREAT WAY to earn a living from home, working in your pyjamas, on your own time.

Want to learn more? Visit this website right away.

Most authors following this program are now raking in upward of $100k - each and every year.

Visit the site and learn more. I guarantee you'll be amazed!

**Read Cheryl's no-nonsense review of The Wealthy Writer



For Copywriters Only

I've known Steve Slaunwhite for several years now, and find his information to be top-notch.  Sign up for his newsletter and get a FREE copy of The Copywriter's Success Kit.


Check out Steve's course that builds your skills AND your portfolio!

Secrets Of Strategic Copywriting by Steve Slaunwhite


Having problems pricing your writing services? Steve's package will steer you in the right direction.  Click for details.


Pricing Your Writing Services by Steve Slaunwhite



Million Dollar Web Copy

I've been a member of this site for many years now. There's a one-off fee, and a load of information inside.

If you can't make money as a copywriter with the information provided by this site, you're not trying!



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The Writers Guide to TIme Management