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Over the past week I've been going through the process of setting up a Clickbank merchant account for my internet marketing site. In the course of that process, I discovered that Clickbank now has 'HopAds'.


It didn't take long before I realized this is another source of income for writers.


Have you ever clicked on a Google Adsense ad? I'm pretty sure you would have. These are short and to the point adverts that are placed on websites. When a visitor clicks, it takes them to another site.


The advertiser pays to have Google ads placed on various sites, and the site owner receives a small commission for each click.


(Stay with me, I'm getting to the point!)


When I was researching information for the Clickbank account, I discovered that Clickbank now have these sorts of adverts (called 'contextual HopAds') available to their affiliates. Basically, like Google Ads, you place a piece of code on your site and it pulls in relevant adverts that are subsequently displayed on the site where the code is placed.


I knew this was available. What I didn't know was that each product owner has to supply their own ad copy.


Here's what is required for each contextual ad:


A headline of up to 28 characters


Description text of up to 72 characters


Up to 8 Keywords or keyword phrases of up to 25 characters per line


You can find more detailed information on this Clickbank page.


This service could be sold for $10-$20 per advert you write, or even more.


Once you get the hang of it, they only take 5-10 minutes each. Need an example? Go to http://copy.writer2writer.com   and check out the links on the right-hand side. These are Clickbank HopAds.


Over the years I’ve seen heaps of people advertising for someone to write these for them.  Build up your reputation, and watch your income grow with these quick little money makers!





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